gear + deals

When you live on the road, space is limited so you've really gotta love what you have. From our experience and research, these are a handful of products we really stand behind-- which is why when we can we're passing some discount codes along to you, too. Get ready to gear up!

heated fleece blanket


solar shower bag

When the weather gets chilly, it's nice to have a little extra heat. What we like about this blanket is its 12-volt A/C plug in-- it's perfect for plugging into any vehicle!

This shower bag is affordable and uses the powers of the sun to heat your water. We love the easy pop-faucet!


side door hammock

Finding a hammock that's just the right size for a van side door was a bit tricky, but this one is the perfect fit! Plus-- they come in a variety of colors to match any interior.

DSC08936 - IG.jpg

hydroflask 10 oz cups

We love any vacuum-sealed vessels, and these Hydroflask mugs in particular are great for your everyday warm (or cold!) beverage on the road. Fun colors, won't break, and comes with a top lid to make your drink portable.


bramble outdoor

pnw day pack

This daypack is so easy to use and is just the right size for a quick day trip hiking! Use code PNWBRAMBLE for 10% off.


hand-powered blender

In keeping things simple on the road and saving energy, we like to use this sturdy hand-powered blender. Easy to use and clean!


peak design camera bags

From bags, backpacks, pouches, straps, clips, and more, Peak Design has you covered! We love their thoughtful designs and eye for quality. Use the purchase button below to use special discounts when shopping Peak Design/