Could You Live In A Van With Your Significant Other?

The Vanna Project - Living in a Van with Your Significant Other - Tips + Ideas for Your DIY Conversion Van

When we meet folks on the road, a lot of times people make statements about how they could never live in a van with their partner. And while everyone knows their own relationship best, you just never know unless you get a taste of life on the road in some way. Fortunately, we’ve created a 2 resources for assessing just how prepared you and your honey might be when it comes to that #vanlife:


#1. We made a quiz for you

You might take online quizzes all the time, or you might not have taken a quiz since you were reading tween magazines and playing M.A.S.H. with your friends at sleepovers, but either way you probably have your own opinions about them. No quiz is a silver bullet, but we created this to get you and your partner thinking about the different factors truly involved in a successful van life arrangement between you and your partner. Take it and reflect on it, but know it’s just one data point and is more of a starting point than foregone conclusion.




#2. We put together some ways to prepare for van life with your partner

In addition to a short quiz, here are some things to consider when preparing yourself (and your partner) mentally and emotionally for van life:

Have your own reasons why you want to travel on the road. You’ll naturally have your own shared reasons for traveling long term together, and over time you will be more likely to share this with others you encounter than your own individual reasons. But your own unique reasons are important, too. They’re what makes the trip special to each of you and keeping these reasons in the forefront just as much as your mutual purpose will be rewarding.

Do your research. From the type of vehicle you plan to use, to the ways you want to travel, to where you plan on going– research is important! There are so many van life and travel resources out there, and a lot of them are free. Use them! And, when in doubt, contact folks you follow regularly. You’ll be surprised how often you get a reply.

The Vanna Project - Living in a Van with Your Significant Other - Tips + Ideas for Your DIY Conversion Van


Start talking about money early. This is one that can be uncomfortable, but financing a trip like this is an essential. Whether you plan to save up in advance, or work as you go, or something in between– it’s crucial to get on the same page as your partner. It’s better to begin the conversation about it when neither of you are committed to a plan so you can both start fresh, as a team. Plus, once you have a plan, it’s easier to hold one another accountable for hitting savings targets or landing that remote job, and gives you additional purpose for making it happen.

Dream together, but don’t get too attached to any one thing. When we were in the dreaming phases of our trip, we had a map on our fridge with pins in it of places we were drawn to. It was a fun way to bring our own ideas to the table and have shared dreams. We also knew, however, that once we hit the road we might abandon the majority of those ideas in pursuit of something else we loved. It allowed us to understand what was important to both of us while remaining open to what might be just down the road.

Practice. It’s funny to say, but when it comes to van living, practice is important– and it’s fun. While there’s nothing at all wrong with hopping into a van you just bought or converted and heading off on an adventure, you and your partner might feel more prepared if you’ve spent some time getting to use your camper in a practical sense. By taking your time to go on shorter road trips, make adjustments to your adventuremobile, and learn how you both travel together in a camper, you can jump right into a bigger trip with less of a learning curve.

How have you prepared for travel with your partner? What did you think of the quiz? We want to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments!