Holiday Gift Guide: Van Travel Edition

If someone on your shopping list this holiday season is living on the road, chances are you’re wondering what they could possibly need. It’s true– often times, people who live and work on the road don’t need much tangibly, mainly because there isn’t much free space in their rolling homes!



A National Parks Pass doesn’t just give travelers access to the US National Parks, but it also acts as an “interagency pass”, which grants access to a lot of local parks nationwide that would cost money to enter otherwise. In short– it’s the best $80 any outdoorsy person spends. But it’s even sweeter when it’s a gift.

These solar, waterproof, inflatable Luci lights are incredible! We use them every night camping on the road, and we know a lot of other van travelers do, too. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors, so from party lights to cozy glow, you can create your own type of gift.

REI Gift Card (any amount)

An REI gift card is the ultimate treasure for any outdoor enthusiast because the possibilities are endless! For road travelers, especially, it can be a huge relief to know that is something breaks, wears out, or if a new outdoor hobby comes into view– they can thank you for having those pre-designated funds on hand.

Hydroflask Vessels (averages $20-50)

We use Hydroflasks for a variety of things and love how they keep warm beverages warm, and cold beverages cold! When you live on the road and want to have a hot or cold drink in the outdoors, I’m convinced these bottles are the answer. Their variety of colors and shapes mean you can pick just the right one. For everyday water drinking, we like the 40 oz

For the Van Traveler Who's Driving Long Distances

When you drive hundreds of miles a week, vehicle upkeep becomes a major consideration. You can find gas gift cards at many grocery and pharmaceutical store gift card sections, and they make a great gift. It might not sound fancy, but a gas gift card, or a prepaid card to an oil change service like Jiffy Lube, will bring the biggest smile to your traveler’s face.

For those long drives, it’s nice to have some sweet tunes and interesting books to listen to as the miles fly by. I love Audible and Spotify for their features and personally think it’s the best bang for your buck, but if your traveler already uses another service for listening to music and books, you might want to consider getting them a gift card for that so they don’t have to worry about subscription payments for a few months.

For the Van Traveler Who's Always Cold

Rumpl Blankets ($99 -129)

We love having an extra blanket to keep in the van or take outside, and Rumpl blankets are incredibly warm. Plus, they pack down into their own stuff sack for easy storage and come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit any aesthetic.

We keep warm in the van with our Mr.Buddy and absolutely love it! It runs on propane gas, which is easy to come by and can be purchased in small canisters or hooked up to a larger propane tank if you feel extra chilly. 

For the Van Traveler Who Works From the Road

While it’s nice to find the perfectly secluded camp spot during the workweek to get projects done, the reality is that many days people who work from the road find refuge in public spaces, like cafes and parking lots. And those spaces can be loud! Having noise-canceling headphones has been a game-changer for us and would be a true treat for your traveler.

When you’re working from the road, it’s important to have a reliable connection. Wifi signal boosters can be truly helpful!

For the Van Traveler Who Likes Their Creature Comforts

Netflix Subscription ($11 per month)

If your traveler likes to chill, a subscription to a TV/movie streaming service like Netflix or Hulu is a good option. At this time, it looks like Hulu has suspended their online gift card purchases, but Netflix still allows you to purchase digitally, saving you the hassle of shipping.

Movie nights in your camper are an easy luxury with the right things. A plain white sheet, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and a mini LED projector like this one are all you need! While some camper travelers prioritize getting a projector for their vehicle, it’s definitely less common and would be a real treat to receive as a gift!

I have a pair of these Ember Moc Shoes and cannot recommend them enough for camper living. They’re sporty enough to wear on a nature walk and are semi waterproof, but are also cozy like a sleeping bag for your feet with their quilted style. They also slip on and off incredibly easily and come in the most fun colors, which are all plusses in my book.

Hope this was helpful for your holiday (or anytime) gift-giving to your camper traveling loved ones! (And if you’re wondering how to ship packages to people who live on the road, we’ve got you covered there, too.)

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