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Gift Ideas for Someone Going Traveling - Camper Van 1

Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Edition

If someone on your shopping list this holiday season is living on the road, chances are you’re wondering what they could possibly need. So, how do you gift someone who lives in their camper? Here’s a gift guide to help you out.

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woman opening a mail box and text that says switching to a virtual mailing address

Virtual Mailing Address (How-To, Pros, and Cons)

Wondering if you should switch to a virtual mailing address? In this post, we walk you through the best ways to receive mail and packages while traveling, including the pros and cons of switching to a virtual mailing address. Learn why we switched and how you can get your own virtual mailing address!

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Camper Van Minimalism 2

A Practical Guide to Minimalism on the Road

When we hit the road, we were very intentional about not getting a storage unit. While we designed the van to be our home, space is also extremely limited so we have to be cognizant of keeping things as minimalist as possible. Keeping up these 5 practices allows us to stay focused on what we want to do, not what we have.

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diy awning 1

Campervan Ideas: DIY Van Awning

When you live in a campervan, you might be short on space indoors, but you can expand your mobile home’s square footage by creating an outdoor patio space. We initially researched factory-made camper canopies and felt the sticker shock, but we still wanted to try out a canopy of our own and came up with an affordbale DIY option.

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bfg ko2 Transit 2

The Ford Transit Tires Guide

Ask Transit owners looking to get their stock tires switched out for something more, and you’ll find a wide variety of stories, opinions, and unanswered questions. While we’re by no means tire experts, compiling all of the current thinking out there on Transit tires will hopefully save you some time and heartache so you can get back to the business of exploring the open highways and winding back roads.

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Camper Van Room for Less 2

Making Room for Less

With a big trip on the horizon, we have been in an ongoing process of scaling down our things for the past year. Taking the slow and thoughtful approach has made this endeavor less of a checkbox item on our way to full-time vanlife, and more of a self-reflective journey. In fact, you can learn a lot about yourself by observing how you let go of physical possessions.

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Solar Power for RV 1

Van Conversion: Solar Power Set Up

Solar– it’s something unique to every camper and the people in it. After learning, testing, and iterating on various set ups, we wanted to pass along our insights on building your own solar system and the how’s/why’s behind our set up.

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Winter RV Camping 1

Van Travel: Cold Van Plans

With temperatures dropping both in and out of the van, we’ve spent some time making sure that things are staying warm when the weather turns cold. In addition to some basic insulation, here are some of our favorite additions for keeping warm.

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