about us

Originally from the Pacific Northwest. Now from everywhere.

In 2014, we made the decision to find a way to travel long-term and the Vanna Project came into existence shortly after. Over the course of 2 years we turned an empty cargo van into the home we travel in today. While we built (and adore) our van, at the end of the day this vehicle we've been living out of since 2017 is a vessel to help us fulfill our desire to put ourselves in a state of continuous learning together. With each new place we navigate, each stranger we meet, and each challenge we overcome, and each morning we wake up not knowing exactly where we are-- we are putting ourselves intentionally out in the unknown. When you live with less structure and more variables, learning about our surroundings and ourselves is not just probable, but inevitable.

It's humbling, it's messy, and we're damn happy to call it ours.

Who's in the van?


LAURA HUGHES | @howsheviewsit

Freelance writer, photographer, and podcast host. 
Will travel far and wide to do yoga at an overlook or hike to anywhere with water. Left-handed feminist who could eat sushi every day (and sometimes does). Strives daily to inspire others to say 'yes' to what they most desire to do. You can read more of Laura's creative work through How She Views It



Shane Eubank | @backcountryseeker

Passionate, driven coach for professionals of all kinds.
Incredibly good at early mornings, staying active, and receiving back rubs. Novice matcha tea brewer and expert dog-lover. Thorough trip-planner, fun-maker, and late night van-driver. Currently taking courses through the Coaches Training Institute where he helps others to reach their full potential.

Want to learn about our van?

Yeah, we're alright but we know our van is cooler. Don't worry-- we're not offended.